Thursday, October 20, 2005

Site Navigation Could Cost Marks.

After Luke’s last lecture, and the assessment method used for this course, I feel that this blogg title is relevant. The lecture was on the net navigation and the sites which have gone against the normal conventions associated with exploring the web. These conventions have come about through the languages or formats available to create sites with (html for this site, click on view menu, select source). These have become the ‘norm’ for most casual internet users like myself, I find them easy to extrapolate information I require from sites using these conventions.

The design of this particular site, regardless of the format used to create it, is not the greatest. Not that it should be an issue but I have tried to find out how many bloggs that I have published over the last twelve weeks and it does not appear to be possible.

This concerns me. What happens when it comes time for the tutors to assess the bloggs that other class members and I have submitted? A search that I performed earlier will tell them I have only posted two bloggs for this whole semester! I presume that being the creators of the blogg that they have access to areas that we do not. Even so, when my course marks depend on this site I think that my concerns are valid. The ability, or lack of ability, to navigate this site, using the conventions I am used to, should not cost me course marks.


At 3:48 PM, Blogger Jen M said...

I completely agree! I can't remember how many blogs I've done, I'm pretty sure it's 10, but how can we check? Useless! Hopefully Luke and that will know how to find them all and we won't get marked down!


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