Wednesday, July 27, 2005

something that I remembered hearing from the news


I remember hearing from the news that the photo album is the main thing that most families grab in the case of a fire and because a number of us now are taking digital photos and having them saved on computers, one expert from a photo company (can't remember the name) mentioned that for those who do take large proportions of photos digitally and is saved on thier computers, it is best to have two to three other backup devices, such as save them in two C-D roms or floppy disks incase of a house fire otherwise you will lose all your photos as a computer would be hard to take incase of event of a fire. I thought i'd share that with those who use digital cameras.


At 3:24 PM, Blogger Luke said...

Yes - collective memory ain't half fragile in the digital age. And even the photos that many of us are printing out on our affordable colour printers are apparently going to fade badly in just a few years. I heard that cheap recordable CDs also have a very short lifespan too. Who will remember us when we're gone? :-{

At 3:33 PM, Blogger Andrew Cozens said...

I read something similar about dvd's and how the data on the disc might gradually deteriorate after a few years, and that you should back up your dvds every once and a while to avoid losing data. While i love dvds it is annoying that they seem to damage so much easier than a video tape, like you get a few scratches on it and thats it - end of dvd. I know some scratches can be resurfaced but its really annoying having a movie that randomly jumps scenes because it cant be read properly.. never had that problem with video. ah well :(

At 6:04 PM, Blogger Spivey said...

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At 6:06 PM, Blogger Spivey said...

(Sorry to delete the first one, misstated one of the pieces of technology listed below)

Ill just grab my laptop in case of fire.

Also to further this debate on media. this discourse on DVDs and CDRs is sort of one of those giant battles were someone is always trying to prove thier technology is better, so they fund a small one sided study that shows the other media to be weaker. If you abuse your DVDs, yes, they will skip and such. If you treat them with care, not touching the read surface, storing them in a good container, they will last as long as you can keep them pretty much. I should know being that i keep an extensive DVD movie libary as well as backup my entire PC onto DVD. Its impossible to get to the data on a disc becuse every disc has a protection layer on the bottom that gaurds against minor scratches and dust, keeping this clean, your disc will always work, if you put bad scratches (the ones you cant buff out) then its over yes. Just keep that in mind when owening a DVD, but dont give up faith on the technology, it really is a brilliant one, espically with the upcoming release of Blueray in the americas and the rest of the world (beyond japan where it has been out for a little less than a year)


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