Wednesday, July 27, 2005


As James rightly pointed out in class today, we need to clear out the test posts soon to make the blog more readable. I mentioned in class that blogging is rather like vomiting so I guess all the test posts are a bit like the coughing noises that come before a good chunder. By all means make a test post so you know you won't get caught short once inspiration does strike you. But please don't be offended if your beautiful rendition of the word "testing" is cleared away sometime afterwards. (A leading new media commentator, Arthur Kroker, would condemn my actions as "digital hygiene". But when I'm asking people to stop coughing politely behind their handkerchiefs and let rip with the rainbow yawns, that criticism won't really fly.)

By the way, in case 'testitis' is a real, known disease, I apologise unreservedly to all sufferers for my insensitivity.


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