Saturday, August 13, 2005

Does Pop-up ad really disturbing you?

When I tried to search “Pop-up Ads” on the Google search engine, there are 13,400,000 results are found. But most of the results are telling people where to download software such as spyware or Pop-up stopper to block the ads. The rest of the results show that Pop-up ad has been being a popular debate on the World Wide Web.

Pop-up ads are now being a form of online advertising for the advertisers to publish their ads through the medium of Internet. This type of ads, as everybody knows, they suddenly jump up as a new window in front of you by using Flash or DHTML format to draw the user’s attention. Some of the ads are very trickery and let people being curious; some of them are using animation to gain people’s attention; but most of them, are very annoying. Thus, the new Windows XP version inserts pop-up blocking in the Internet Explorer to please the users.

However, there are still an amount of people choose not to use the blocking of pop-up ads since they find the pop-up ads give them more information and save time for searching. Still, leaving them unblock is not a good idea. Once you unblock it, it will keep coming up and “hijacking” your personal time. Also, some of this type of ads contains virus that may harm your computer. They are like the junk mails in your mail box which are not much useful but hold space. For example, in the pornographic web sites, the associate links and adverting are not going to stop popping up. Under this circumstance, users can only close the browser to stop the popping.

At last, are you the one preventing the Pop-up ads or the one who welcome this type of advertising?


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