Saturday, August 13, 2005

Old gamers never die

One interesting touch in the next James Bond game (“From Russia with Love” – GamerTV on Prime-2005-08-13) is that they are trying to recreate the sound of the film by having a new score written in the style of John Barry (original writer of the main theme) and getting it performed by the London Philharmonic – yes a real orchestra. I find this significant for two reasons. First, that a, presumably, very high tech game is perceived as needing real wood, brass, catgut and ivory instruments, second that the retro feel of the original is worth achieving. Real instruments suggests that people can tell the difference, the retro feel is an interesting introduction of nostalgia into the genre.

Are they trying to appeal to an older demographic or is it that younger players are bored with new stuff. If it is the former then I suspect the game will be retro all the way with clunky gadgets and an avoidance of technology that the original writers of the film (let alone the book) could not have known about like PDAs. If the latter, then it may have more a feel of a fantasy like some of the alternative history titles with multi-function cell phones etc.

My feeling is that they need more market and the grey dollar is getting very attractive: surplus income; lack of piracy culture and the fact that some medical “experts” are already suggesting that game playing can offset some effects of ageing (wonder who they're doing the research for). All together the old gamer who can suddenly leap buildings with a single bound could be a big part of the future of gaming. But then I would say that I'm one of them.


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