Friday, August 12, 2005

I was reading the National Geographic online the other day when an article caught my eye. It turns out that scientist in California at the institute of technology have developed the speed of internet another mile stone further. The new technology is being called FAST( Fast Active queue management Scalable Transmission). The scientist were able to achieve a speed of 8,609 mega bytes per second! That may not sound like much the average computer savvy person, but just as an example, a person could go online and download a full length DVD movie in roughly five seconds! That's incredible.

Just imagine the applications of internet moving that quickly. People could easily post entire books or volumes of books online that could be obtained in fractions of seconds. The applications to data bases are unnumbered. Scientist could trade and exchange volumes of research. Best of all though, there would be no more waiting in line to download music from the net.

As the internet has changed over the years, people continued to push it to its limits. It seems as though someone is always improving this or altering that. Extremely rapid internet is an expected change and the applications to our current model are not numbered. Internet years from now could be drastically different that we know it today. It might be more of a virtual interactive space or something that is not even imaginable now.

Whether it takes 5 hours, 5 minutes or 5 seconds to download something on the net, one thing is certain and that is it will all be just a 'click' away.

Link to National Geographic article


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Gabe - hope you don't mind, I modified the link text because (on my browser, at least) the long URL string was spilling out of the box. I could look into why or I could just modify the description - the latter seemed simpler!


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