Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Google Toolbar

Google Toolbar
I have found a toolbar to be a wonderfull addition to my browser and since I use google for searching I decided to install the google toolbar awhile back. Now I've never used any other toolbars before installing google but I have found it to be a nifty device. Although In the past I may have had spam toolbars which promote casinos and other junk Google was the first toolbar I've installed myself. It has offerd me spam blocking and a quick to access search engine. It also has autofilling features but I've never used it. However the best feature I have found it the 'blog this' button which I have used to write this, by surfing to the page about installing the toolbar and then hitting the blog button it has opened a neat new window and started with the link. This could be a very handy feature for our class blog. Now although google is the only toobar I've ever tried I'm always offerd to install others and advertised many, and i'm sure there are many that would try to install themselves if given a chance. It doesn't seem like something you would want to have more than one of, eventually you'd have more toolbars than browser, but I can't help but wonder if there were any better features on other toolbars, but I suppose it depends what you want the toolbar for. I decided to install it for quick acess to Google search but have found one neat feature I can use in addition.


At 10:09 AM, Blogger Kevin said...

I'm not using the same google toolbar you are, as a google-search toolbar is part of Firefox. Have you tried any of the del.icio.us functions which can be installed on your browser?

If you go to the website it'll have instructions. The basic idea is that you can log websites into your account on del.icio.us and have access to them anywhere, and to also allow you to search the websites uploaded by all the users.

It basically means that you're searching sites people have decided to use, rather than ones mathematically selected by an algorithm. Luke calls the idea 'social intelligence,' and I think it's interesing.

- Kevin.


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