Monday, August 22, 2005

Gran Turismo 4

Gran Turismo 4 is a very popular Play Station 2 game among teenagers and car lovers. In the world of racing games, the Gran Turismo series has gained its prestige through the game's graphics, sound and especially the feeling of reality when player plays the game.

The GT4 game provides players more than 700 cars from more than 80 manufacturers around the world. This is the first step to create the virtual reality of the game. Players can now create a new personality in the game whether they assume they are super racing drivers or millionaires who own the best car in this “cyberspace”. The capability and the quality of the cars are all imitating the real models. Once you earn enough money from a special racing match, you can buy the car you want but first, the player needs to go through a licence test. The higher the qualification of the licence, the more advance mathes you can play on. Hence, the more money you can generate. Also the game provides the opportunity to players to improve or decorate their dream cars.

Moreover, this game attracts people successfully because it also involves more than 50 courses to drive. These include real-life racetracks such as Fuji Speedway, Suzuka, and Laguna Seca; a cosmopolitan array of city courses from metropolises such as Hong Kong, Seoul, and the Big Apple; rally courses on dirt and (new for this installment) snow and ice; and old fictional friends such as Grand Valley Speedway, Deep Forest Raceway, and Trial Mountain. Hence, the GT4 game let the super car fans’ dream come true. People now can have a taste on the thing they will never have chance to do in their real life time through this perfect game.


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