Monday, August 22, 2005

Internet: The way to fame or embarrasement?

I was just reading Shannons post about the young sweedish man called Daniel, who created what most of us would like to rename a small annoying object...the Crazy Frog 'song' (if you want to call it that). It made me think about after the researcher heard of his experimentation with engine sounds and what not, that the internet really is a place for launching yourself. People are putting themselves out there on the internet, because it is such a great way to be recognised. But is it really? Whether or not young Daniel knows it, most people (upon meeting him and learning of his music career with animated creatures) would want to silence him for his efforts. This then made me think of our beloved Rongo family... ah yes...the Rongo family. The special family who liked to play musical instruments (anyone thinking American Pie and band camp) and hang beaters around their necks (?). The unusual placing of family and animals on the couch for the official lauching photo (did anyone else think the poor dogs were trying to escape?) Now I know that they were in no way trying to get famous off their webpage, but as many others discussed, why wouldnt you just send emails? The cheesy decor of the site really topped off the 'humour factor', so it really just makes me wonder why people would put themselves out there for the world to see. Couldnt they just make a web page, then email people who they really want to see it, a kind of login/pin number, or are they just different? I think the moral of the story is, is that when you are doing anything on the internet (like this blog), you just really have to watch what you're doing, to save yourself the embarrasment.


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