Sunday, August 21, 2005

be wise immunise. with the wire on bfm.

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This is paragraph is taken directly from the bfm website, in the news section. (,
Selected interviews from the Wire (weekdays 12-2pm) are now available in an RSS/Podcast feed, which can be found permanently on the bNews page. By subscribing to this podcast using iTunes (or another RSS aggregator of your choice), you'll be able to keep informed even when you're not by your radio.
Live Wires is now listed in the iTunes podcast directory, so it's easy to subscribe using this link.
To add the Live Wires podcast to a different RSS aggregator application, follow the instructions for subscribing to a new feed, and paste in the url below when asked:

The Wire on bfm is a daily 2 hour show, held each day by different hosts. It's injected with news, opinions, information and advice on different issues and affairs each day. It isn't only just about 'serious' news issues though. Check out Friday - the rock and roll wire. It is awesome. If you are prone to liking rock and roll, punk, or indie seriously this is an excellent show. I've listened to it semi-religiously since 6th form, which means I've had to programme my radio to record the show for many years now. Tuesdays are based on local arts, and international art (performance, visual, media and film) which affects new zealand. Thursday is for the intellectual, concerning local policies and issues.

Wednesdays feature Russel Brown. You may recognise the name from his weekly blog "hard news" on public address. I'll post more on the topic of public address later, othewise it will make this post go on f-o-r-e-v-e-r.
To access the list of wire's you can have a listen to podcast, follow this url,
There is a wide variety of podcast wires to have a listen to. The following is relevant to the course
"New Zealanders are increasingly concerned with morality according to a recent newspaper survey. Really? Speech writer, blogger and author of "Civil War and Other Optimistic Predictions" David Slack talks about the survey...",
And if you have been wondering just what is going on with the uni strikes (remember the one with the weird sirens that kept distrupting our lecture a while back?) then have a look and listen to this, It discusses the strikes 6 universities around the country have been undertaking.

If you managed to read this entire post then really, I suggest you listen to the rock and roll wire with Troy Ferguson. Here is his dj page here. He is my hero...,1552,

Oh, and to see all the wire shows click here for the full bfm line up,


At 5:35 PM, Blogger mags said...

are you able to give me the run down on what actually happened between Winston Peters and Noelle from the news segment on the wire? I would love to hear a recording of the interview. Ive been told that she really cornered him about his immigration policies, to such a point that he became enraged and left the interview, and that a while later immigration officers came in and took Noelle off air?? Is this correct? Or is it becoming a little urban legend-ised??


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