Monday, August 22, 2005

sth about web

It is widely believed that Internet has transformed our lives with more speed and efficiency. No matter when and where we are, we are able to get the latest information either publicly (news) or privately (e-mail) through the internet. However, I believe with more people log them onto the Internet, especially the popular or authorized one; we will assume more risk for ensuring our security. Recently Google is considered as one of the Internets with the biggest hidden danger for keeping people's security and privacy. Mark from the Administration of Justice in America recently points out that the more Goole interacts with people's life, including people's online chatting and using Blog, the more possibility that Goole will receive summons from the court. I reckon the reason is because that Goole provides a service called Gmail to their consumers, this service will ensure that Goole keeps people's emails, information about Goole library, and consumers’ passwords for accessing particular WebPages permanently. Meanwhile, Google also provides picture sharing, message sending and paying on line services. There is no doubt that information such as people's bank account will be stored in Goole as well. So for whatever you do, for whichever webs you have paid visit to, or for whomever you send emails to through Google, the system will know immediately. Another reason is because Internet is an open environment so that every person is able to access it, it also increases the opportunity to criminals to hack or steal people's on line information, especially the big Internet company like Goole, which assembled huge amount of people's information and privacy in the world. Although Goole spares no effort to ensure people's privacy, it still could not totally guarantee our on line security.


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