Sunday, August 21, 2005

Cool! You can find all songs' lyric you want here!

Do you often feel bored when you want to find the lyric of a song that you like but you can not find it easily?

I would like to recommend a website to you: www. lyrics007. com! It is likely for you that you find all songs' lyric you want there.

Lyrics007 has got a very friendly interface. Here is some steps about how to use it: a) checking what the singer name's initial is b) clicking the corresponding letter on the interface (A to Z) c) picking up the singer that you want from the list of singers d) finding out the song you want

Of course, it is more convenient for you to directly search the lyric from the lyric-searching engine which is just on the homepage of that website.

Find it now, good luck!


At 11:21 PM, Blogger Rebecca_emma said...

That is one good looking post!


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