Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Marry me, please!

We live in a world of technology, a world in which we are constantly trying to find happiness through all the loneliness. A major part of the internet is matchmaking. Of course in places like India, the done thing for many families is an arranged marriage. Traditionally the idea of an arranged marriage is the match, and well, then the marriage takes place. The more lenient families allow the two people to meet and see if they hit it off. Of course a major part in the search is finding out what religion they are, what job the person has, and well, how much money they make.

The internet has made the searching much easier. Now there are thousands of websites which function as matrimony websites. Of course the sites don't only focus on arranged marriages, but allow people to put up profiles of themselves in order to find their 'true love'. I just checked out a few sites for fun. If you try type it up in a google search you'll see a countless amount of matchmaking matrimony sites. Here's just a few ouf of the many, (shaadi means wedding in hindi), . People give out all kinds of personal information about themselves on these sites such as their fears, hopes, and what they're looking for. While it may sound just like a normal site like Friendster and hi5, it goes deeper than that as well, its marriage, looking for a life long commitment.

Of course you can find many amusing profiles through which its fun to sit and laugh at them (as it was to laugh at that family in that lecture a while ago), but all in all these people have taken the idea rather seriously. Many arranged marriages were arranged with matchmakers in the past (if you see Mulan, you can get an example of that). Today's matchmaker is the internet. You just type in what age you would like the person to be, what religion, what language they should speak, and well, you get photos and everything about them.

Of course being a person who is totally against the ideas of arranged marriages, I don't really understand how two people can just see each other's profile and decide that they are going to get married. In a way the speed of the internet has made matchmaking easier, but at the same time has kept the traditionality of the Indian home. But at the same time one has to imagine that a person could misuse these sites and put in pictures of other people, after all how many sites on the internet are really that reliable. After all registration is free (though I'm not really sure what you have to put in as I refused to register; after all I have no interest in getting married to a random stranger).

Try it, the love of your life may just be a click away (please note that's sarcasm there!!!).


At 11:58 PM, Blogger Kevin said...

I'm not going to mention names, but something along similar lines happened to an acquaintance of mine.

He put up information on his instant-messaging program regarding his religion, age, the languages he spoke and where he'd been born. He was a Fijian Indian, and found to his surprise that he was quite the catch for 14-16 year old Fijian Indian girls who proceeded to hound him until he stopped using the internet.

Apparently arranged marriages are common in Fiji, but it's common for parents to allow their children out of the marriage if they can 'trump' the current match. This means that kids arrange their own marriages with an eye to living independant lives from their spouses, while still keeping the family happy...

- Kevin.


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