Monday, August 08, 2005

rotten dot com

WARNING: seriously, don't follow the link below unless you're certain you won't be disturbed.

A couple of years ago a friend of mine directed me to - Even though Im sure the majority of you have already heard of it, for those who havnt, just be careful going to and searching through the sight if you are easily frightened by images of death and gore and the like.
I was horrified when I first came across this site. I looked at it a few times with a morbid curiosity and found that the images really stayed with me, even when I slept they would crop up in my minds eye - I guess we dont deal with such extreme images on a daily basis and so our subconciouse hangs onto them, or is shocked by them and trying to deal with them - or whatever bla bla. and so I havnt visited it again since. But it is a pretty awesome representation of the freedom of the net, and the way that it has allowed for the true desires of people to be catered to. Its so true that when passing a crash scene, our natural curiosity to see gore kicks in and we really want to slow down and gawk, and as hideous a characteristic as this is - its the truth and is represented in the content of
Its pretty hard core, and taboo in many ways as it deals with the face of death which the general media are not allowed to show (id bet they would if they could), but aside from that it is very real and shows that people DO want to see what death looks like. It also shows that people just like disgusting things, as not all the images are of death and gore - but of weird stuff things which just make you think 'what the.....' and 'why the......' . worth a look if you can handle the jandal. I guess many people would hold differing moral stances against sites such as and sites where you can witness things such as the death of Kenneth biggley, the brittish journalist. There is a fine line I suppose- but its amazing that there is this medium which just lets it all hang out.


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