Thursday, August 18, 2005

scoping out the world. . .

was looking to provide a little info of a site new to me, shown to me the other day by a friend from uni. a (what I thought to be) simple mapping site provided by google. then i vaguely remembered seeing a post from jules the other day that was much in the same. so i downloaded and checked out her sight:
it was basically what my friend had shown me, only to the 10th degree. loads of interesting features, as jules had pointed out.
initially the whole concept struck me as real interesting for the fact that my friend (who lives in ireland and goes to school at edinburgh) and myself (from michigan in the u.s.) could show exactly (literally exactly, with the aerial views provided) where we each lived. with its impressive zooming, we saw down to the very overview of my rooftop. and for him, to the canals that he has sailed; alternating between the google picture of the area to his own personal pictures of the canal’s sunset. amazing really.
we were just messing around with solely the map features, but as jules pointed out in her post, there is so much more to explore. literally so much, from pharmacies to bars and clubs to movie rental places in various areas found all over the world. definitely something to check out if you’re bored or want to be a bit more geographically cultured!


At 6:50 PM, Blogger mags said...

wow, am really truely impressed with google earth. Its actually quite a trippy little experience ay !! very cool. Gives you the vaguest of ideas of what it would be like to look at the world from space, but with the added benefits of being able to zoom in and physically rotate the globe!!
seems as thought with the free down load that they only have certain citys per country? Like, I couldnt find auckland or christchurch but could find wellington.


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