Wednesday, August 17, 2005

How Stuff Works

There are often times in life when you come across some mechanical or physics concept that everyone grasps but you don’t. Or perhaps technology is moving at such a rate that you simply had no time to adapt to the difference between tube TV and plasma TV. One is better, but how? Or simply if your are curious about some mechanical gizmo that is simple but still a little bit of an enigma.
I found this site, it is essentially an encyclopedia and an online tutorial about anything scientific really.

The site features a comprehensive search engine and many categories such as Nice Rides, Crime and Engines to name a few. The site also features reviews of latest consumer products like digital cameras iPods and some odd little gadget that progress brings forth like a Mosquito Magnet.

I spent hours browsing it initially because there were some many things that I knew OF but nothing ABOUT. An excellent educational tool and also to satisfy disputes and curiosity. Might be useful in lording the newfound trivia over your friends.
I personally learned what a fuel rail does in a car from this site and was able to avert an engine fire. Bonus!
Admittedly it’s quite a technical site but it does use simple language and has tons of illustrations.
Check it.


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