Thursday, August 18, 2005

Recommended listening: podcast

The tech news site has an accompanying weekly podcast. Catching up on the first few episodes has kept me happy on the trip to and from work this week. If you're not aware of it, is a social news site, i.e. there are no editors, users submit stories, and stories only get onto the main page based on the number of users that "digg" that story. It's been described as a kind of cross between the content of slashdot and the format of The podcast provides a nice digest of current and interesting technoculture stuff. Don't expect deep and meaningful analysis. It's extremely light-hearted. The show is very American and pretty geeky (though easily accessible for non-geeks): shades of Bill and Ted but with Grand Theft Auto instead of Fender Strats ("dude, that's awesome!"). You can get the podcast (and even the videocast if bandwidth isn't an issue) directly from the site or if you have the new version of iTunes you can get it through the built-in Podcast directory.


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