Thursday, August 18, 2005


MD was invented during the 90s by Sony Company, but it did not enjoy its popularity at that time. Some specialists think that MD is one of the biggest failures in Sony’s products because compare to MP3, MD has complicated recording function, which could bring music fans lots of inconvenience. More significantly, its price is much higher than the ordinary MP3. However, I believe that MD is worthwhile for the high expense because for music fans, it enable them to enjoy long lasting music. The mini disk in MD could record music codes three times as large as ordinary CD. Its battery also allows MD to do 3 hours recording or 5 hours non-stop broadcasting task. Besides, MD also provides more different kinds of music environment for music fans. Its MZ-M10 and MZ-E10 version could create four sound environments. People are able to experience music either in the studio circumstance or lively. Or they could enjoy music in club and arena environments. Moreover, its superiority to MP3 is that people are able to change the genres of the music (heavy, pop, jazz or unique), according to their own interests. Also, compare to MP3, which is a simple recording and broadcasting machine, MD works as a mini studio. That is, people could edit music as well. MD enables music fans to cut parts of the music and paste them onto other music, so that people could make their own music, by using the same code. Probability just because of its advantages, it starts to become glaring in Asia recently.


At 12:19 AM, Blogger Chen Yang said...

yea~ i think MD can Make long recording possible, but i think it also decrease the quality of the music? so i would still prefere mp3 players, a 320 bit rate mp3 music file to me is not much of a differece to CD.

At 10:39 PM, Blogger Selina said...

I think that most of the operations that you mention for MD, are available for MP3 as well. I found MD more of a hassle to use, especially when it comes to recording music. Plus MD is not that popular in NZ. It might have more appeal in Asia countries where MD can be purchase in a cheaper price. But I think that what appeal it did evoked are now drown out by the popularity of MP3.


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