Saturday, August 27, 2005

Digital effects in films

I recently went to see Sin City and it struck me, as I was trying to think of anything else but what was on the screen, just how much digitization is in films.

I have to admit that I did appreciate the quality of the effects in Sin City. Most films now have atleast a small amount of digital effects. While I realise that it is, in most cases, more cost effective to have digital effects reather than live action, I was left thinking however if there are now too many effects in films which distracts from being pulled into the narrative a film.

It also accured to me that the effects in films could be desensitizing watchers to grotesque violence allowing more films of that nature to be made and viewed (as the main criteria for producing films is if they will make a profit or not).

While I did enjoy Sin City I didn't feel like I got the whole idea behind the movie as I was constantly being distracted by the images on the screen. Highly Recommended!!

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