Sunday, August 28, 2005

African's turn to cell phones

I visited and considering the lecture on mobility, the first news article that attracted my attention was 'Africans turn to cell phones'.

The article stated that more people in Africa had cell phones than people that had access to landlines. This bought to my attention the way in which cell phones as a communication device has come to dominate over landline phones. Many people do not have landline phones anymore and instead only have cell phones . When asked for a phone number most people give out there cell phone number as away in which they can be contacted. Cell phones have allowed people to be contacted instantly no matter where they wether that be work, home, in the public sphere or even in another country.

The way in which the cell phone have become more popular than the landline phones shows the way in which society expects everyone to be mobile.


At 6:21 PM, Blogger mags said...

yeah - that is interesting ay. and it will be quite cool to watch over the years the way in which 3rd world nations begin to adopt and use technology - because they dont have the same historical kind of base of technology that the west does - and so Im sure the way that different nations end up using technology will be reflective of different needs and different ways of looking at technology as a part of life. Im trying to think of an example.... but its proving hard. because Im sure it must be happening now in various forms.


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