Sunday, August 28, 2005

Air Card thought

Going up to the Symonds Street, I saw a big red billboard hanging on the landscape shows about Vodafone’s new Air Card connection service. This causes me memorize my experience of using Air Card. Air Card, to put it simply, takes the place of the telephone line. That is, by inserting a small card into the laptop, or probably some home computers, we are able to go to achieve GPRS or CDMA connection. Therefore, it makes our experiences with Cyberspace more movable. However, I would not prefer using Air Card, and sometimes I found it really annoying. To me, Air Card does not have strong ability to receive signal, and it is interfereable. Two years ago, I bought an Air Card, and I tried to use it when I was in the airport lounge, waiting for the plane in South Korea. My Internet connection was always broke off when I was excited about computer games. I thought probably it is because of the signal disturbance in airport. However, when I came to New Zealand, could not connect to Internet at all. This is because the geographical place I lived was not ideal for receiving signal from Sky Tower. I was upset about this and I suggest people consider carefully before using Air Card service.


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