Sunday, August 21, 2005

external hard drive

When you need highly portable storage, you probably immediately consider USB flash drives and USB-powered portable hard drives. By developing the computer technology, the pocket hard drive's appearance is getting smaller and the size is getting bigger. In the past, Seagate put on the market 2.5Gb and 5.0Gb device external hard drive about 6months ago. However now there are so many diffenrent types of external hard drives that also have huge amount of size appeared.
Samsung's new pocket hard drive offers 80Gb(left picture) and also Toshiba put on market 80Gb external hard drive(right picture).

it's everywhere. Like a plague amongst motherboard designers, the USB socket has become ubiquitous with the modern day computer. Asides from devices like printers and mice, USB devices range from the quirky to the rather useful. Arguably one of the most useful groups of devices on the market today is the portable USB drive. High speed reliable and small, they've virtually killed the floppy disk drive giving computer users a better way to store and transfer their files. I have a lab top, which has tiny tiny size. For me, this pocket hard drive is really useful, because I can store my pictures, music, movie, drama, and other files as well.


At 7:57 pm, Blogger Princess Poppy said...

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At 11:35 am, Blogger Jennifer said...

I saw an interesting USB device the other day, a heated coffee coaster - keeps your coffee hot while you work. I guess it's kind of neat but why not get one that plugs into your wall. I've run out of USB ports on my laptop between my wireless mouse and keyboard, my exteral harddrive and my printer and the times I also want to plug in mp3 player I'm going to need to buy one of those hubs if I get any more devices. I love all my usb devices, especially the extra 120Gb of harddrive.

At 11:20 am, Blogger Luke said...

And doesn't coffee turn carcinogenic (not to mention horrible tasting) if you keep it warm for too long? Beware the filter coffee jugs in HSB cafe!


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