Thursday, September 01, 2005

After watching The Island

According to the recent popular film The Island, it makes me associate it with Ann Balsamo's article On the Cutting Edge: Cosmetic surgery and the technological production of the gendered body. Rather than talking about how people make cosmetic surgery on their bodies, this film talks about later in this century, people use clone to insure their lives and make the American dream "Live Forever" to come true. The human clones are human-like "products" which are used to provide "spare parts" to their original human counterparts. Unlike human, the clones have no love, no lust and absolutely simple. The producer of the clone in the film says that the human-like products have no soul--the biggest distinction between these high technology products and human. They try to make them as simple as they can. However, the scientists will not believe that their creation will have their own mind and loss control then escape at last.

In Balsamo's article, she mentions that people are more and more unsatisfied about their body and want to use cosmetic surgery as a technology to bring them artificial beauty and "perfect look". People just can not stop from getting more and more from the technology. Technology now can change people’s live and develops fast enough to let people get what they want. But when people are taken control over by the things they create, the whole world will change. Like the storytelling in the film, it is such a satire of the current society that people are too confident with the things they do and never think about the outcome. More seriously, people can be destroyed from the technology creation they make.

Hence, should people like us think about not to rely on too much of the convenience that are given by the current technology so that we will not loss our instincts with lives all comes.


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