Thursday, September 08, 2005

Bloody Taggers!

Looking over the bloggs Ive noticed alot of talk bout i pods thats cool and all, but im probably taking this blogg left field. Thats right taggers or graffiti artists similiar terms used to define whats seen on the backstreets of alley ways, walls, old trains...bascially anywhere that has space. Bad or Good?, some are some are'nt, some with good intentions some that are puerly disrepecting soceity...but its seen as an art form in some countrys, and hip hop believes graffiti is one of the 4 elements that make up hip hop. However its not bout good or bad. Its bout this website which allows you to step into to the shoes of a graffiti artist and tag like one. Similiar to changing your fonts on word, the only difference is it looks way better and looks authentic not all tacky.It allows you to take full control and design each word differently or the whole word(s), to your liking with rotation, colours, 3D, styles etc...., simply enter the word you want graffited and it gives you a base to work with and from then on in its all in your hands. You can print it out or use it as wallpaper on your computer screen, and reading some of the forums real artist actually benefit from it and take it to the streets.


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