Tuesday, September 20, 2005

good place to download movie trailer

I believe watching movie trailer could give me oodles of fun.A good trailer must absorb essences of whole movie , maximize impression on both visual and audio ways in limited time and at the same time,of course ,it should "hold back" some really attractive stuff...ah, in some degree,it is a "art of tease". Watching a trailer is like appreciating a artistic work with balance, it shows splendidly enough to stun your eyes and ears but not a litte bit overdone to reduce your passion of going to the cinema, this kind of seeking the balance point always amaze me.In fact ,analysing movie trailer could benefit a lot to student who study film,espacially in editing and soundtrack.

I always go to http://www.movie-list.com/ to download trailers.There are tons of trailers in lots of categories ,qualities,old and new. You can watch it in stream or download it .The most feature that intrigues me is the Classics.It has many high-quality trailers of Classic movie ( such as Alien series ,Star Trek, CITIZEN KANE , JFK, FIGHT CLUB ,RAINMAN, etc) They are all exclusive and collectable. It updates everyday for latest movie and every week for classics, both have variable qualities to chose.,if you have a boradband , you can download trailers which have high resloution up to 1024 *768(this would have a stunning effect just like DVD)

Well, if you already know this site,please skip it and dont mind , otherwise please check it out , wonderful trailers are waiting for you to appreciate .




At 9:08 PM, Blogger Andrew Cozens said...

yeah i use movielist, or at least i used to. Now i tend to go on www.themovieinsider.com



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