Saturday, October 22, 2005


I was reading section C on the herald yesterday and its reference to Armageddon. The headline suggets what kind of crowd could be expected, one being geeks and the other being peeks. Don't know what one you fit into, don't worry to much its just a genralisation, I've seen some famous sports stars at these events so if they go to it I guess we can too.

I have actually gone to a couple of these events, and there not to bad, besides the bad B.O and overused disco lights they are actually quite entertaining and interesting. It seems that Armageddon is an event where age, class, race, and social backgrouds are irrelevant, that Armegeddon brings together subcultures of people, which overall make a whole brand new subculture for the 3 days that it is on. I'm guessing the majority of people are peekers wanting to know whats coming to our shores. If I recall correctly there should be the trailers or some sort of preview for the new PS3 and Xbox 360, which should gather some people to the event.

Armageddon seems like a place where people are forced to touch and fiddle with stuff, unlike the malls, where "do not touch" or "break it, you buy it" is the policy. It looks like its a chance for producers to gain a market or niche, or if your a Playstation company to reinforce your market with the latest console. It is a place where particaption is encouraged and then taken aboard by consumers, who seem bundled with advertisemenst and trash talk, and some how it works, because you end up buying rediculous stuff sometimes.

However it is also a place where technology meets consumers, and where consumers are wow'ed with the latest and brightest technology, and besides the blanket of advertisers some are actually there to know the future of technology.

So Armageddon is place for society, producers and technology to develop a relationship that will help economically and socially towards the future, this could mean through educating consumers with bad or good technolgy, or with helpful tips in internet and so on. But if you don't want to be covered in B.O, I suggets you don't go, but it is a great experience and suggest you do go its cool.


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