Friday, October 21, 2005

Advertising and Technology

With the internet, mobile phones, video games systems, on-demand cable, DVD's, DVR's and other technologies consumers are not as accessible for mass market advertising as with television and print. People are continually being informed through technology such as the internet. Consumers how get information from a larger number of sources. They are not acccessible they have such opportunites as switiching between many channels of satellite television and make quick cell phone calls during the commercial breaks. This has lead to people wanting to engage with products rather than being given sales pitch. There has being a move away from invasive advertising that is often anoying and relies on a captive audience. Consumers are no longer tolerating this form of advertising and inturn there has been a change towards a more personal strategie with in advertising becoming very appealing to online networked consumers. Advertising has changed due to our use of technology. It has changed to audience friendly and making the product personal this creates a postive experience.


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