Friday, October 21, 2005

Free Information, Free Speech and the Internet

Propaganda has been a problem for a long time. Many governments have sought to control their people through the promotion of lies and skewed images in the media. There is no difference today, especially in the United States and especially with the US war in Iraq. There is however a new component to free information and free speech. Instead of anonymous flyers and paper hand outs, there is the internet. A plethora of opportunities to project new opinions and information into local and global discourse through pod casting, blogs, live journals and websites. A US Supreme Court Justice in the 1960's said that if everyone is allowed to speak in the media that there will be a lot of lies but eventually the truth will prevail (regarding corporate ownership of more than one media company). The internet is safe guarding this concept we hold so dear in our societies, the truth. There are a lot of lies out there, but no one can silence anyone else - and therefore the truth will prevail.


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