Friday, October 21, 2005

Free file hosting

Has anyone ever tried hosting files on an online server, for others to download? I go to a forum site where everyday members post up full albums, full movies etc. What they do is rip a CD to MP3, then zip all of the MP3s into a single .zip file and upload them to a hosting site like FileFront. Then they post the link at the forum site and you simply click it and go through the process of downloading the .zip file. Then you open the .zip file and it expands out again, giving you the album's worth of MP3s. It's a pretty handy way of getting music and sharing your music with others. That said, you can do the same for any files, and you don't have to necessarily zip them first.

It's free to sign up to FileFront if you want to upload something for your friends in another city or country to download. And I think the file size can be unlimited.

FileFront website =


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