Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Finding yourSelf on the Blog

In response to Josephine Question in class, how finding how many blog main posting your done. On the top right-hand corner there is the search bar with you can search for items within this blog .This might work some not others. If you have put your name of your login in at the bottom of your posting. Then just type in your name and click search and it should come up with all the entire that have your name in them. And the edit button on the left tell you that it's post but just a post that someone else refers to you.
As I said before this will only work for some people not others. Only the ones who put their name at the bottom of their post. May be Luke and Kevin should advise student should do next time, when they do this paper.

It better then as Kevin mention using Ctrl+F which is the find function but only use for finding item on the current page. Not on the whole website. especially because the viewing function on this blog site only go back 300 posts and you need to the entire of all the entries that is 557 now.

This search will only work for entry that are made as main post, and not command that about them



At 7:15 PM, Blogger Daniel Sadgrove said...

Hmm, a search for my name brings up a couple of entries, but leaves out my earlier ones I did at the start of the course. I hope they've recorded what I've done! I'd hate to lose marks on posts I've made but that don't turn up in the search response.

At 7:23 PM, Blogger Luke said...

Thanks for the tip, Mana. We did, however, make the point about signing off your posts several times at the start of the course!

Daniel - yes, we have archived the whole lot and, of course, gave everyone feedback on early posts at the mid-semester: this should have highlighted whether anyone's posts were going undetected by our searches. We're confident we have tracked everyone's blog posts accurately, but if anyone receives feedback which they think is at odds with the contributions they have actually made then, of course, you should raise this with us as soon as possible.


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