Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Apple Video Ipod - causing a headache of Hollywood proportions for Apple

Apple is having trouble finding Hollywood producers who are willing to make and/or finance films and programmes for the new videoo Ipod which Apple launched recently. Clips are watched over a 2.5inch (6.3cm) screen but Apple wants high-quality shows to be able to be watched over this new 'mini-tv'. It would work much like existing audio ipod whereby shows could be downloaded and viewed at any time. Programmes would be available, Apple hopes, for $1.99 each. Disney is offering Lost and Desperate Housewives for the new visual ipod. The networks want to participate and directors and producers are worried they won't see any real financial gains from this and that it is simply a marketing gimmick. Apple is continuing negotiations with many top players to see who and what is willing to be seen on a Video IPOD. This is ultimately another step in the direction of a sofwareless society where CDs, tapes and other visible media are continuing their decline as we move to a more digitalized age.

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At 11:02 AM, Blogger David K said...

I can see why directors and producers are refusing to make films and programmes for Ipod. I really don't think people who can actually watch a programme on TV for free, would wanted to buy the same thing on Ipod. Or maybe I could be wrong.
Like the comment I posted on another post. I already find it annoying enough to carry a cellphone around outside, why would I want to carry another portable device that is really not needed.


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