Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Chatting language

For the very last entrance of the semester, here I wanna talked about the language we often used in the platforms of sharing and chatting online.

First, most of us have experienced the convenience that the internet brings along. It shortens the distance between people by providing immediate chatting, telephoning or net-meeting in the virtual society. The need for immediacy is in high demand. People want to save as much time as possible such like the consuming of fast food. Thus, although technology is improving our life but our customs and culture are steadily changing.

Chatting is one of the very basic activities we do online. The most familiar programmes must be the earliest invention of ICQ; nowadays we have the popular MSN; in China, everyone knows about Tencent QQ. Hence, a special kind of slangs or abbreviations has created. Similarly, the reason for this is the seeking of immediacy and convenience. Symbols and numbers are widely used to represent different facial expressions and the hybrid of computer-using and language creates a new culture which does not just exist in the cyber space, but now it has spread into our daily life. It also appears in mobile texting, advertisements which present a new style of communication

Here it is a website that offers the most often used abbreviations to us and you may find out a new way to express yourself.

Check it out: http://www.web-friend.com/help/lingo/chatslang.html


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