Thursday, October 20, 2005

the soundtracks to our lives

So I would be willing to state that ipods have overtaken the student population, and then some. Doubtful that it’s just the people I hang around with; because they are literally everywhere- physically and within conversation.
I’m sure we could all write (or have written) some insightful blog with our two-sense on some aspect of the ipod.
Walking back from class the other day, a girl took a huge dive, tripped, and fell practically flat on her face. She created a domino effect of people falling over her from behind. She got up and didn’t attempt to dust off or search for scrapes, rather immediately grabbed her ipod and frantically started pushing its dial to make sure it was still functioning. I mean, she had real concern, dusting off the screen and turning it over to investigate, heaven forbid any damage.
Even those seven remaining people in the world who don’t indulge in the wondrous companion are immersed in the craze. One of these, a technologically-inept friend of mine, swore he’s better off without. Claimed he was waiting around for the greatest model yet: the implantation of the ipod within the person (admittedly unfortunate it would have to be done matrix style in the back of the neck). Give a twitch of the nose: oh, there’s some Marley playing. A tug on the ear lobe: alright, there’s some Clapton. Features including a screen down over the back of the eyelid when your eye is shut for viewing options. In other words, the possibility of a continuous soundtrack to your life! All this talk until the release of the nano happened. Then he discovered the sweet black color option, and is now set on purchasing.
Out for a boat cruise last weekend with about 20 friends, there were at least 13 or 14 ipods scattered throughout the boat, easy. Playlists would run throughout the day and dj wars between people would take over at night. It was a big deal: your next play either being a sweet crowd pleaser or a recipient of boo’s from the masses.
Yeah, it’s all a bit ridiculous, but I’ll be the first to admit I have mine with me on a daily basis. Just shows how much of a social force and personal interest music has on us all today!


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