Monday, October 24, 2005

I live in the internet life

Just few hours before, my internet suddenly could not be connected for a few hour. Then I realised that how important the internet is in my life. In that few hours I just wonder around my room and got nothing to do... We know that internet is a important thing, but never though that it became a part of my life. I really felt so bored and empty for a moment! So I was starting at my computer screen and thinking what is I don't have a internet? There were so many things went through my head. Firstly I cannot post this on the blog; I can not check my emails about the time of a meeting; I cannot transfer the money to my boyfriend, so that he can pay our phone bill tonight; I cannot download the notes from the cecil to study and I will not able buy those pretty clothes online!! etc... Internet became another world that I live in. I have my internet friends and it's just like real life friends. They are divided in different social group, and I talk about different topics with different people. This network is amazing! I actually get to know lot of new information from the internet more than the really life I am living in. I realized, in the real life I ofen say that 'let me check on the internet'. I relay internet so much, but never realising it. I was actually thinking that what if one day the electricity is gone, computer can not be turn on and internet can not be used. How am I going to live? Most times I live in that imagined internet society, I think it's actually kind of scary that the technologies is slowly manipulating my life.


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