Saturday, October 22, 2005


I have not used my hotmail account for quite some time I had forgotten that if you do not use it within approximately 3months your account is de-activated. I find that very frustrating, because I realised that everything that I had saved is all gone. I didn't know that when they deativate my account I was going to lose everything, I thought that it just stops other e-mails coming through or that I only lose the things that I haven't saved into the draft folder. Very annoying and quite sad because I had saved e-mails from very close friends. Well it's all gone. I admit I am so use to using the university e-mail that I have forgotten at times about checking or using my hotmail to keep contact with friends that are either still in NZ or overseas. I realised there are still people posting even after the due date of blog entries. Anyway, I'm not very fond of my hotmail account as I use to be because it is not very long lasting with the things I have saved, that meant a lot to me.


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