Friday, October 21, 2005


To further comment on the post ‘life without internet,’ I would agree that internet access and usability is definitely something I take for granted. Really stopping to think about it, being on the computer is a huge time-filler; whether just for time wasting purposes or actually working to get things accomplished. So when asked in lecture the other day whether or not this class has increased the amount of time spent browsing the internet, I don’t think it has necessarily increased my time, but more so put the time spent dinking around to use in different ways.
Since being away at uni I have not been living at home within the past three years. With this, my television watching has decreased immensely since I don’t have the same amount of access to a t.v. as when I’m at home; now discovering that my computer has filled in the role.
My lap top is conveniently a source of entertainment and at the same time it is definitely a valuable tool in getting through day to day. That may sound real computer-dependent, but thinking about it, internet access and computer use is a necessity; at least seemingly so in the life of a student.
In terms of uni involvement, the internet is a necessity in maintaining caught up and informed in classes, for submission of assignments, scheduling purposes, and much more. Other day to day networks created through its (my) use include music/file sharing (getting sweet music, movies, and tv series), then watching those sweet movies and series, email contact, instant messaging communication, blogging (of course), internet browsing, mindless games (solitaire, hearts, etc.), and tons more.
Just thinking of the day to day use, the boundaries are virtually limitless.
Therefore overall, the internet continues to broaden as a basis to so much, from academic production and tasking to social networking (i.e. family and friend communication) to consuming; and yes, all the while engaging in some form of a mind broadening experience! Perhaps more than one could say of sitting on the couch simply watching commercials and shows for hours throughout the day.


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