Tuesday, August 09, 2005


Remember all those neat games you used to play as a kid? Sure the graphics weren't fantastic but they were entertaining anyway. Many people probably have no interest in old games because new games are becoming so advanced. For those of you who enjoy old games and haven't already discovered abandonware head over to The UnderDogs it's a great site filled with old school games.
There's a wonderful little legal loophole about abandonware, it sort of sits in a grey area to my knowledge. If a company no longer produces a title for sale it basically becomes free game, no-ones complaining if you spread copies. In a time when there is such controversy over piracy it's an interesting that there is this little loophole. There are numerous sites out there on the net dedicated to abandonware but I've found Underdogs one of the best, everything is organised into categories and there are even recommendations, help files and forums for gamers.
It's interesting to see the community that has grown around these games and despite the demise of DOS in XP (evil evil XP) people are still working around it to play old games.
Underdogs is a fantastic archive of old games, I feel it says something for the way games used to be made that there are archives where people are still downloading and actively playing games that are now so old, obviously graphics are not everything. So despite the ever increasing market and advancement of gaming consoles some people still go back to the basics.


At 4:41 AM, Blogger Kevin said...

Abandonware is a fascinating category. As you've said, it changes the whole time and the difficulties in getting some games working under current OS systems is a howling pain in the neck.

Some projects go further than others. If anyone remembers 'Starcontrol 2,' it was an absolute classic. Original, funny and epic in scope. A group of people have effectively remade the game for an XP system and added speech to the game characters.

If you want to go looking for it, search for "The Ur-Quan Masters". That should bring it up.


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