Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Awesome communication & connection: Tencent QQ

Has anyone heard about QQ? It is basically a software for online chatting, and it enjoys its popularity throughout China or probably some other Asian countries since the last decade. Most western people may not be familiar with that, because it is not as internationalised as MSN. But to me, QQ is much more useful and convenient than MSN messenger.

One of the reasons I recommend QQ is that QQ does not only contains all function that MSN has, it also contains lots of new functions that could specialise your own software, such as QQ skin, QQ expression, QQ desktop and so on. When you talk to the person on line, you are able to send some colourful and cute facial expressions to him/her. Also, if you talk to your lover, let’s say, and you want to get more involved, you are able to set the chatting background as romantic as you wish. Therefore, QQ makes on line chatting more enjoyable and exciting.

Another huge advance QQ takes is that unlike MSN, it allows people to send message to some other guys if they are not on line. In MSN, if people are off line, you can not send them messages any more, and the only way you could do is to wait or to send email to them. However, if you use QQ, you still could send words anytime you want, (but not images). People could read them once they are on line next time.

As an international student, I find getting in touch with family is really a big deal when I am here, because of the 5 hours jet leg. QQ helps me get over this problem. It connects to cell phone and enables me to send message onto my parents’ cell phones immediately as I type the word onto QQ, and the thing is, it is incredibly cheap. Each month, it only costs my parents 5 RMB, which is about 1 NZD to get the message, and for me, it is totally free. Also, because it is connected to cell phone, it is mobileable. I could receive messages any time and response to it through QQ function in cell phone.

Now, QQ has invented its English version and Traditional Chinese version and it starts to become internationalised.Therefore, I think I could share my experience with some westerners or South Asians whoever wants to download QQ as a good friend.

Free download:
English version:
Traditional Chinese version: http://hi.qq.com/intro/mo.shtml?d.htm


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