Monday, August 01, 2005

Digital Pictures

Carrying on from the post about digital cameras and how the main thing people made sure they escaped with in a fire was their photo album.. well coming home from uni today i was given a flyer from someone working for bond and bond about being able to get your digital pictures transferred into photos. Just goes to show that some people are reluctant to see the end of the photo album and that the technology has had to find a new method for solving this desire.. i personally still prefer the old cameras even though i own a digital camera.. im yet to fully embrace the medium as im still a bit skeptical over the lastability of digital pictures etc, and its a lot easier to accidently click the delete button or delete the wrong photo than rip up a photo by accident.

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At 11:59 AM, Blogger mags said...

I agree. I too have a nostalgic attachement to photos that you can have developed. What I like about photos printed on photographic paper is the tactility of them, they dont just exist somewhere in a world of gathered pixels, but rather can be held and contained in a physical book. I guess I like confirmation that I exist!! And that Ive had memories of which the proof is clearly displayed on paper. For me digital photos just seem to dissapear into the cosmos once the initial novelty of seeing the certain event has dissolved. Its so much nicer to sit and turn the page of a photo album than it is to turn on a noisy computer and scroll through digital pages.

At 3:35 PM, Blogger Josephine said...

I guess one of the main problems is that it is more expensive to print from digital and why do it when you can see it instantly on your computer. I think it's ok to delete (events or photos we don't want to remember). People have always ripped or thrown out photos. The alternative to cutting out that certain someone is the cloning tool in Photoshop; you can delete people without have to ruin a photo.
There are so many benefits of the digital photo. People have online photo albums and share them between family and friends. Recently my friend got married and sent a link to a webpage of her wedding photos.
I must say that I am more inclined to take more photos with a digital camera, because they cost nothing to take. I'm more inclined to experiment with photography with digital, than with expensive films and developing. I see an emergence of more people using cameras.
I do agree it is a lot harder to go through the process of turning on a computer than opening the pages of an album. The point is albums can still be made, just print off the best photos.

Also make sure you have back up copies of your photos on disk to keep at an alternative location, incase in the event of a fire - you don't want to die trying to save your memories.

At 3:52 AM, Blogger vicki said...

I guess we are lucky to be able to get the best of both worlds... There is a nice feeling that you can have with developed photos and flipping thru an album. There is also the excitement and anticipation that comes with waiting for your film to be developed to see what the photos will look like. But digital photos are good because you get to choose which photos you want to keep...rather than being stuck with -or wasted money on- photos that you're disappointed with.

Random story- I had a house fire last year, where my album of childhood and family photos caught on fire. It was extremely lucky that the fire was put out just in time, as the album's cover is now black and melted from the fire, but the photos inside are perfectly intact! How lucky...


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