Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Chinese Searching Engine Is Becoming An Appetizing Cake In World Stock Market

Chinese searching engine is becoming an appetizing cake in world stock market. Last week, the biggest Chinese searching engine in the world ( Baidu. Com Inc. ) had succeeded in landing onto Nasdaq which is one of extremely influential stock market in America. In the first day, its price of stock was increased up to 122.54 USD per share but the emitting price is just 35 USD. Due to the incredible soar of price, there are nearly 200 staffs who work for Baidu becoming millionaires.

As we know, Google has a hegemonic status in the web searching engine market, but why Baidu can become a new appetizing cake which is pursued crazily by shareholder? In my mind, Chinese searching engines became a new highlight because they have their own cultural advantage comparing to western searching engines. Western searching engines are rather powerful when users search some contents which are related to western culture. However, they are getting clumsy when we search some contents which are closely related to exotic culture such as Asian culture. On the other hand, Chinese searching engines have a huge advantage over the western searching engines in searching those contents which is related to Chinese culture.

I did an interesting experiment to support my viewpoint. When I searched “Hayley Dee Westenra” in both Google (www. google. co. nz ) and Baidu, I got 3620 entries in Google but only 95 in Baidu. However, when I searched “ the great wall” in them, I got 31,000,000 entries from Google but more than 50,000,000 from Baidu. Therefore, I think Google and Baidu have different searching advantages in different areas.

If you are interested in Chinese culture, "www. baidu.com" is a good searching engine for you.


At 9:02 PM, Blogger Andrew Cozens said...

i was reading somewhere that the chinese government didnt want the search engine to come up with any results on democracy or anything that might look bad.. not sure how they can prevent freedom of information on the internet though.

At 12:53 AM, Blogger Zhenwei Nie said...

well, for Andrew,I figure you might be misled by someone .As I know, you can find any information related to any Chinese words in Baidu. Com ,inculding sensitive topics ,or even illegal stuff.The fact is,some links of the results are shielded , and most banned websites are about porn which is illegal in China. Several other sites were banned recently because they were designed by some losers and freaks to teach people how to kill themselves technically or how to revenge others badly. It is ture that China has kind of team specialized in internet security,I know a girl serveing in internet security area after she finished her study in computer science in Switzerland,and she said their job are mainly to protect improtant websites from attack by hack and compile latest anti-virus software,I can't see anything wrong with their job and actually in USA there are similar teams doing same thing as well.In certain degree,I belive this regulation is doing public good.
In fact ,in many big forums,people are arguing government policy,discussing social problems(such as poverty and corruption) and talking about international affairs.The nets are opening more and more rather than "preventing freedom or anything bad".


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