Sunday, August 14, 2005

human or machine?

Couple of years before, I saw a Hong Kong movie which talked about a local King of gambler called Jim. In order to win the local big competition and make a living, Jim goes to do the scientific operation abroad, and he inserts himself a tiny computer in his brain. This computer has fluoroscopy in the system and it could recognize others’ cards in their hands easily. Also, the computer is able to calculate automatically the chance he win if he shows a particular card and tells him which card he uses will increase the probability he win. So every time, he earns the prize easily. However, he suffers from the pain in all of his life, because when he charges battery for his computer, the electric current has to pass through his body and brain. Finally, his body function is damaged, and he becomes paralytic. After seeing this fiction, I think maybe the boundary between human and machine is blurrier by the raising of computer. Now everyday, computer interacts with people’s ordinary life. People are so dependent on it that it nearly takes the position and responsibility of human. Robot is the creature under this situation. Recently, America has invented a new Robot, which could do all kinds of housework. The amazing point is, when I see the image of the Robot, I think it is definitely not a machine, because it looks really like a human. I am so scared about this because I could not even recognize which is machine and who is human when this Robot stands together with a real person. Human loses their identity which extents even to their appearance. This cause me worried, and I could not help thinking about if computer is really the slave of human or if human, just like Jim, would become the substitute of computer in the future.


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