Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Mobile TV and kids

Helsinki, Finland announce today the result from one of the world's first commercial mobile TV pilots. The pilot was conduct by Digita, Elisa, MTV, channel Four Finland (Nelonen), Mokia, TeliaSonera Finland and YLE during the period of March till June 2005. It included users of 500, in which they access their mobile TV using either Nokia 7710 smartphone and DVB-H technology. The programe offered include CNN, BBC World, and Euronews.

It was found that those mobile TV users spent around 20 minutes a day watching their mobile TV, and more active users watched between 30 to 40 minutes per session. Some of the frequent users include people who travel frequently on pubilc transport. Although this might not seems like a problem, because, watching tv on bus can't seen as time consuming when there's nothing to do there in the first place. But when you think about it, how would it effect children of today? Many children nowaday might be allow to view afternoon cartoon from 3pm to 5pm (since that seems to be the time the children afterschool programme end). Then automatically, they'll be send to their room to do their homework and so on by their mum. With this new technology of mobile TV, children who (like many of us) prefer to just want to turn our brain into a useless slum of mush in front of the TV, will have the privilage of watching mobile tv in their room out of the watchful eyes of their mum. In my opinions, these new technology seems to bring more problems to today's youth in terms of new found freedom and new method to break out of authoritative controls.


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