Saturday, August 27, 2005

Remixing Windows

Okay, something completely new to me that I didn't know about is the remixing of versions of Microsoft Windows by private users to form entirely new (or mixed) versions of Windows. I came across the article in Wired news,1282,68589,00.html?tw=wn_9techhead and was quite surprised by the concept explained in the article (if you follow the above link). Many of these remixed versions are found on file-sharing networks and contain a combination of files that computer experts are mixing together to form new improved versions of Windows, arguably better than the versions that Microsoft themselves are churning out and charging the earth for. Indeed if I wanted to improve my version of Windows through a series of addons and file-sharing I could quite easily do so and therefore effectively never have to 'replace' my old version of Windows. It's parallel to the concept of remixing some old worn out 1960s pop song with say an Eminem rap of today. Something else you may like to have a look at is the link to the web-site provided by Wired called "The Pirate Bay" whereby files can be downloaded and shared through the web. Both sites are well worth a look and the Pirate Bay is particularly interesting with it's constant updates on various legal proceedings against it.


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