Sunday, August 14, 2005


Since last lecture is about gaming, i would like to tlak about Sony PSP. The official realease date of Sony PSP in New Zealand is the 1st of Sepetember, i think there are lots of people want to buy it, so i here to give everyone an overview of Sony PSP.

With eye-popping graphics, dazzling widescreen LCD, wireless connectivity and the ability to play games, music and movies when and where you want, the PSP gives you the freedom to enjoy entertainment on your terms.

As i got one from overseas for few month, i would like to tell you people that it is fantastic. It has too many functions, such as play UMD games, mp3 player,photo viewer, website surfing, watching movie. All you need is all in PSP.

Here are some specification about PSP which i got from Sony website:

PSP Specifications:

MIPS R4000 32-bit core128-bit bus1-333MHz (1.2V)8MB eDRAM main memory2.6Gbps bus bandwidthFPU, VFPU (2.6 billion flops)3D graphics extended instructionsI Cache, D Cache.

PSP Media Engine
MIPS R4000 32-bit core128-bit bus1-333MHz (1.2V)2MB eDRAM submemoryI-Cache, D-Cache90nm CMOS.

PSP Graphics Core
1-166MHz (1.2V)256-bit bus2MB eDRAM (VRAM)5.3Gbps bus bandwidth664 million pixels per second pixel fill rate3D curved surface and 3D polygon engineSupport for compressed textures, hardware clipping, morphing, bone, tessellation, bezier, b-spline (NURBS)Maximum of 33 million polygons per second24-bit full color (RGBA) .

Sound Core
VME (Virtual Mobile Engine)Reconfigurable DSP166MHz (1.2 V)128-bit bus5 giga operations per secondCODEC capabilities3D sound, 7.1 channelsSynthesizer, effecter, and other abilitiesATRAC3 plus, AAC, MP3 for audio.

UMD (Universal Media Disc)60mm-diameter disc660nm laser diode1.8GB capacity (dual-layered disc)11Mbps transfer rateAES crypto systemUnique disc IDShockproofRegional code systemParental lock systemRepeat ordering system.

Other Specifications
16:9-format widescreen TFT LCD (480x272 pixels, 24-bit full color)MPEG4 AVC decoderWireless LAN (802.11)IrDA (Infrared Data Association)USB 2.0Memory StickAV in/outStereo headphone outLithium ion batteryExpansion port.

Currently there are bout 40 games that realeased on PSP, the price of each game is around $80 NZD. I personly recomond those game lover don't hesitate and get one, it won't let you disspointed.


At 9:59 AM, Blogger Vasya said...

thats all great but its nothing more than a Sony gimmick. short battery life, and incompatibility with any other sony PS product. you even have to buy games and DVDs on the special PSP disk if im not mistaken. but its cool because you can play people in your general vicinity, like on the bus without wires


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