Thursday, August 18, 2005

That seeing someone talked about Weblog phenomenon......

That seeing someone talked about Weblog phenomenon, reminds me of Doc Searls, one of the deep thinkers in the blog movement, says: “it’s a matter of ‘and’ logic, not ‘or’ logic. Weblogs will inform old media. They eill increasingly be a source of information that traditional media will rely on.”

Firstly, because of the more interactive, less “mass media” nature of news Web sites,wblogs are a form of new medium that tends to address one of the weaknesses of traditional mass media – their inability to address a fragmenting market.

As a nature of Internet news dissemination, Weblogs take advantage of the Web’s capacity to update issues instantly, conferring advantages on both journalists and viwers.

Rather than use the Internet as a one-way, broad-cast-style or newspaper-like information distribution medium, bloggers use the Internet as a collaborative, fully interactive network that has the power to bring many voices together and weave them into a single web. Viewers are invited to “be the media,” and thus to challenge traditional definition of what counted as “news” as well as who qualified as a “journalist,” was very much consistent with the animating ethos of the Internet.


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