Sunday, September 25, 2005

3G technology

I have seen a 3G television advertisement, I think it’s in German but I’m not quite sure of the language myself actually. It started with the 3G logo saying “3G Video Messaging”, then a close-up of a face of a brunette girl luring to a black 3G mobile phone; obviously she’s recording the footage for the video message. Then there is a shot of the screen of the mobile phone, with an inner screen of the footage that's still recording and options of zooming in and front (that’s what it says on the ad, I’m not sure what that means sorry). The next shot was the girl holding the phone in front of her still luring and filming her body (she was wearing a set of white bikini, and has a very nice and attractive figure :p). Then the camera goes back up to film her face and next thing I notice was the brunette getting her head and arms out of a cardboard figure. Yes, in fact her ‘real’ figure is quite, ‘healthy’. I just find that this is a funny yet, something that’s real about the video messaging. Firstly, are we losing more and more of our own privacy? First was the mobile phone, which means people can get hold of each other no matter where they are, 24/7 ( unless you have you phone off) and now with the 3G Video Messaging technology. Our daily lives are just becoming more ‘public’ in a way.

Sorry if the descriptions w bad, won’t allow me to upload videos, but for any of yous that would like a copy of it. I can send it to your emails :)


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