Sunday, September 25, 2005

VR in golf?

For anyone who had a look at my post last week bout GPS in golf, well Ive got another golf system for all you eager golfers. OK maybe im talking bout golf in my posts a bit too much, but its only cos "Cambo", (Michael Campbell), is doing so well in the golf world its caught my eye on why the pros are so damn good, shot Cambo for wininning the 1million pounds.

Well besides the GPS system for golf theres these interesting VR glasses also available, its main purpose is for the putting green only. The pro aim is a set of overlarge black glasses which I dont recommend wearing to the beach, but do recommend for the golf course. It uses military night vision technology that projects a grid that helps align the perfect putts, "virtual guidence grid" to be exact through natural light (sun, im guessing). It's a Breakthrough in Optical Science, ProAim is a golf training break- through which relies on ÔÇťoptical imprinting" to groove the perfect putting stroke right into your muscle memory, so its taking VR in a way to reality (its debatable though). Its used by over 100 pro golfers including Butch Harmon who onced coached Tiger, so its gotta be good right. Well for bout 150 bucks it should be. If you want to know more bout this I suggest you got to .

Anyway go Cambo n the internationals, at this weeks Presidents Cup.


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