Saturday, September 24, 2005

Hi All,

I am one of kind who values traditional values, technologies, etc. On a personal note I value the old technology rather than the new. I have always been a huge fan of walkmans, the radio, my only alcatel cell phone. After reading other blogs entries on old mobile phones versus new ones, I have to agree with that conspiracy theory too. I have had my alcatel phone for nearly 4years. The battery use to only die out after a week, however now it starts to die out after one day. I am guessing it is to do with the fact that I have been over charging it in the past. Can that mainly be the reason why my battery doesn't last very long the way it use to, despite the conventional thought that it is getting old.

When it comes to music (sure I love music CD's, and I use to try and make a whole collection of them), but I still prefer to listen to the radio. Perhaps it is due to the fact that it is always up to date, with the music, the news about the world and giveaways, competitions, advice given to callers, silly jokes etc. I am liking the fact that More-Fm has bought back the old classic hits. When I heard a few old songs being played back on the radio station, it brings back old memories for example my high school years. Sure modern technology increases sales for companies and makes our life more convenient but I still prefer a simple car as long as it gets me to places, a simple phone where I am able to communicate to others, a simple radio where I can keep up with the music industry and the world and at the same time not forget the old times. Technology to some people may just be technology to them making them hip, but I think it's more to it than just great inventions or convenience in our everyday life it seems also like a marker, an indication of our events, do you get what I mean?


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