Saturday, September 24, 2005

Parents distrust of internet learning

Here is a article I saw on USA Today that I believe is a growing concern for parents of teenagers these days;

Its interesting really, because it seems parents concern over their kids attachment over the use of these "new media" might result in them being withdrawn or distach from the real world. Yet many parent neglect the useful information their children might learn while surfing online, or reading other people blogs. They seems to have a natural distrust over many aspects of the internet. I remember when my high school first introduce online learning, where most of the class notes was put online, my mum keep saying how it was a bad idea because it allow kids to sidetrack or use it as an excuse to start surfing the web when they r supposely "studying". Its not like kids can't do they same when they r studying from a textbook (I'm sure some of us hide magazine beneath our text at least once during our school year). It must be the generation gaps.


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