Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Atari Flashback

Remember the good old days when you could play arcade style video games with a JOYSTICK! Well now with the Atari Flashback Classic Game Console you can relive those great '8Os days playing classic games that set the standard for the games we have today. The Atari Flashback comes with 20 built in games (so no need to have to change discs etc) that include Centipede, Crystal Castles and Canyon Bomber and also comes with 2 joysticks. Sure the games may look kind of crude and old fashioned in todays more high-tec world but thats the allure of it, it's retro and nostalgic. However the idea of it does make you wonder whether the console may end up being one of those toys where you play with it for a couple of days, and then get bored whereupon it sits in the back of your cupboard for several years until you find it and start the cycle up again, as often happens with these types of things.


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